Swift Chip

Joining MSP-Ignite peer groups is the best business decision we ever made!  

Ken May


C2 Computer Services, Inc.

MSP-Ignite is one of the best investments I have made for my business and for myself. The group becomes a family of friends and advisors who can be called on and counted on anytime. The group helps me stay focused and accountable on the things that matter most to my business.

Craig Lojewski

Founder & CEO

Advanced Intelligence Engineering

Guidance navigating difficult decisions and accountability to see those decisions through.

Jeremy Wills


Advanced Computer Solutions

I consider my peers to be next to family. They know the same pains as I know, and they fully appreciate my frustrations. They have answers to questions, support when your down, and cheer loudest when you win.

Albert Steed


Minnesota IT Partners Inc.

We’re building up one another as better leaders in our own organizations, sharing the tools and best practices that MSP’s get the most from in their business.

Patrick Doman


Noah IT, LLC

I made two important improvements to the company, one of which was the website redesign, and the other was obtaining a subcontractor to support a new client in Iowa. Both of these improvements were the result of information I obtained from the group during our last call.

Allan D. Polack


Strategic Technology Associates

A great benefit is being able to talk to people in the same industry as you and focus on solving problems.

Shamus Donelle

Leader Reactive Service

SMB Integrations

As a peer group, there is no worry of competition and we can share information about all aspects of our company (personnel, financials, marketing, customer strategies), we cover the topics each company is interested in.

Bobby Kann

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